Engagement & Wedding Photography

Engagement and Wedding photography


Engagement and Wedding photography tells story of love, happiness and excitement, freezing every one of those precious moments forever in time.


Who we are?

STORYTELLERS. Our approach to engagement and wedding photography is about capturing a story through a lens. We portray a magical story of something special, from the fun and exciting moments of your engagement to that special day when you begin your journey as husband and wife. Through our unique imagery style we capture the celebration of your love.


Our style of photography?

Professional Photographers Scott and Vicki have a distinctive, unique and creative ability to capture each element of your celebration. Blending professional photojournalism (candid) with fine art, we document your day while remaining in the background so that the spotlight remains where it belongs – on you


Engagement Photography

Engagement photography is an important part of the wedding process. It captures the love and excitement at the beginning of your journey into marriage. We strongly encourage couples to make the investment in an engagement session. Unfortunately often couples overlook the importance of engagement photography as they are caught up in the excitement of wedding planning. Photos from an engagement session are wonderful for “save the date” announcements, formal wedding invitations not to mention they look great on your walls!

We suggest to anyone looking for an engagement photographer to strongly consider working with the same photographer not only for their engagement photography but also their wedding photography. It is a critical element that careful consideration should be given to but often is overlooked. Not only does working with same photographer provides a uniformed appearance and feel for all your photographs, it also allows the client and photographer to work together prior to the wedding giving everyone a better level of comfort, relieving a lot of stress, and allowing the photographer a strong understanding of what the client wants.


The next step.

If our approach and style is what you have in mind, please contact us to discuss how we can help make your special day a little more unforgettable    – we would love to hear from you!

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